Bowser for Mayor

I'm running an independent campaign for mayor of New York City with a progressive platform appealing to conservatives and liberals who are ready to work together to provide sustainable solutions for the many issues we face as a people today. 

We have all the resources we need to create the kind of world we want to live in, when we choose to work together. I will continue to reach out across party lines to build that alliance.

I've developed a Smart City Platform to deliver a bold Sustainable Community Development Program to the people of New York City and participating cities and towns across the state, country, and globe willing to collaborate on New York City initiatives that provide mutual benefit for New Yorkers and to the people of their hometowns.

Smart City Platform is designed to offer incentives for investors, developers, job providers, building owners, and entrepreneurs to collaborate on profitable solutions that generate benefit for the entire community such as creating new local businesses in every neighborhood filling the hundreds of empty storefronts plaguing our city, developing good-paying jobs, building thousands of affordable homes that people in the neighborhood can actually afford to buy and rent, and helping to contribute to an overall plan of stabilizing the cost of living and the creation of new wealth and increased tourism.

Although many of these initiatives do not require government participation, the Smart City Platform does provide some gentrification and homeless prevention measures that do require legislation to help pave the way for prosperity and innovation. These measures also create new revenue streams for the city which helps to fund the construction of affordable housing and homeless shelters.

The Smart City Zero Percent Homeless Initiative is a dynamic collaboration of people, business, and government to build temporary mobile shelters including rehab clinics and entrepreneur centers throughout the five boroughs. The entire homeless population including New Yorkers caught between apartments and disaster relief evacuees will all have instant access to this Popup Rescue facility (no waiting weeks or months). These Popup Rescue facilities will be paid for partly by a marijuana tax (NYC 420 TAX), gambling tax, and "Airbnb tax" (aka a short-term lease tax of less than 30 days for residential tenants and less than 3 months for landlords). Popup Rescue is designed to become self-sufficient requiring no tax revenue as are most programs and initiatives being proposed through the Smart City Platform.

The Smart City Platform also boasts a Zero Percent Waste Initiative that is designed to become so profitable New York City will have the lucrative option to begin importing waste from other cities and countries to keep the revenue-generating machine moving. There are multiple opportunities across the board for education, economy, environment, and innovation.

I'm proposing a Smart City App which will be an open-source, plug-n-play system allowing people, business, and government to interface with the local community by scrolling and clicking on the issues and solutions that matter to us most. Think of the Smart City App as having a built-in resource-based economy "kickstarter". Instead of contributing just money, people can offer other resources needed for each project such as human service, products, fuel, and building materials for construction, etc. These resource-based funding pages will be used at the local neighborhood level, citywide, and across the country and world where there is mutual benefit for New Yorkers. 

Once a local issue is uploaded into the Smart City App, the program searches for the people, business, and lawmakers needed to create profitable solution(s) for that issue. Neighborhoods with overlapping issues and overlapping solutions begin to collaborate in new ways doing what they already do best to increase efficiency, lower budgets, and provide a wider scope of benefit to include others outside their respective networks.

An app doesn't replace vision and it isn't meant to. Instead it's a means for government, business, and the people to work more closely together to create the change we need at the local level. We need innovators and altruistic collaborators like you from every walk of life to drive these initiatives. We shouldn't look to big government to solve our problems when we have all of the resources we need to create the change we want and deserve.

If you're excited about this platform please consider volunteering, contributing money, or offer to throw me a house party in your neighborhood to help raise funds for my campaign so we can continue to get the word out. Share my issues and videos with your friends and followers on social media. Make comments on my website to let me know your thoughts and if there is room for improvement. The Smart City Platform is an organic one that is designed to incorporate all our needs so expect my campaign to evolve into something even more wonderful as more and more of you make the pledge to vote Bowser for Mayor.

Below is a short list of the issues I want to work with you to solve as mayor of New York CIty. For a complete list with further details including funding and revenue streams, please check out the ISSUES section of my website. 

The Issues in Bullet Points

(Click on ISSUES in the menu for full details on each line item mentioned below:)

Create a NYC Time Bank to take over the $126 million New York benefits cards distribution contract and to invest that money into entrepreneur programs in public schools, local colleges, local nonprofits, government agencies, and Riker's Island.

The NYC Time Bank offers after school and weekend entrepreneur programs to get students ready for self-sufficiency right out of high school and/or ready for college or vocational school testing.

Propose a Marijuana, Casino, and Short-Term Lease Tax (aka "Airbnb ax) to fund upgrades to education, healthcare, and housing.

Stabilize the cost of living through business and job creation, increased tourism, an implementing an optional Universal Healthcare Plan and optional Universal Energy, Cable, Internet, Phone, and Mobile Service Package.


Lower subway fares each quarter as MTA revenue increases

"MTA Tax" reform to lesson burden of corporate job providers

Create massive new adverting and commercial revenue streams for the MTA 

Create MTA renewable energy program to produce a surplus of power to sell into the grid


Work out new drone laws for on-demand personal flying taxis, drone cars, and increase the emergency drone response unit.

Provide incentives for an on-demand mini-boat drone taxi providing service for shore to shore commuters.

Construction of 5-Mile International Floating Airport (Not taxpayer funded)

Create an optional Universal NYC Healthcare Plan (other cities can plug into)

Build a free Ivy League University and Learning Hospital with mobile clinics (Paid for by NYC 420 TAX) Free to New Yorkers and citizens from Cities plugged into the Smart City Program

Create a K9 Good Citizen License (universal petcare/greater access to public spaces)


Gentrification and Homeless Prevention
Airbnb rights as homeless prevention (Propose a Short-Term Lease Tax - aka "Airbnb tax)

Allow Landlords to short-term residential property to New Yorkers for only the neighborhood average market rent value

The NYC Time Bank offers a forum for conservatives and liberals to work together to provide creative gentrification and Homeless Prevention Measures while boosting local economies.


Real Estate
Build a barrier around our shoreline communities to save lives, valuable real estate, and critical infrastructure.

Incentives for the people, building, and local government to build sustainable new buildings powered by renewable energy.

New building codes such as light refraction technology to illuminate back sides of buildings.

Build a walking landscaped bridge between Manhattan and New Jersey for walkers, joggers, bikers, and dog owners to travel back and forth between our two states. The base of the structure is comprised of a luxury resort hotel with casino, spas, and a port for cruise ships and small yachts. (Propose a "Casino" Tax")

Slavery Museum in the East Harlem River off of Mill Island (Solar panel building erected from the waters in the shape of Harriet Tubman holding a lantern and eternal flame. Inside the building is a museum chronicling slavery in America and the contributions of black people in science, innovation, social justice, the arts, sport, etc.


Save our public schools by designing an educational experience around the needs of our students and allow faculty, parents, and students of each school to vote to decide if their school will become a Smart City School or stick with the traditional public school program.

The Smart City School offers a 4 day school week with 3 day weekends, Classes starting no earlier than 9am, No more homework or standardized testing, replace textbooks with indestructible tablets/laptops, and institute a citywide Student Time Bank to encourage entrepreneurism and post graduation goals.

Introduce after school and weekend after school entrepreneur programs in the arts, sports, science, technology, and community service to help student's build college and work portfolios for employment, higher education, grants, and bank loans for those looking to start a business using the skills and support offered through these programs.


Prison Reform

Prison reform to include entrepreneur and job developing programs to ensure successful self-sufficiency after release.

If you have a loved one in prison or who works as a correctional officer you should definitely check out the many impressive programs I've listed in the ISSUES section of my website.

Solar road all the major highways running throughout the five boroughs. Solar roads melt snow so no removal needed

Protect the aesthetics in landmarked neighborhoods.

Provide incentives for building owners to add solar, green roofs.

Phase out one use plastics (profitably).

Label Glyphosate (ingredient for weed killer) with "May cause cancer" health warning.

Phase out city dependence on fossil fuels.

Build a profitable Renewable Energy Plan that creates more energy than we need and sells excess back into the grid.

Secure relations with land partners to ensure a steady supply of affordable, healthy food for our growing population.

Produce a series of new large scale events lasting one week or longer designed to drive national and international tourism.

Create new tourist destinations and events throughout the five boroughs to distribute consumer spending.

Offer new drone laws to allow pilot drone boats and flying cars providing shore to shore commutes.

Develop new gaming apps that allow tourists to unlock levels to find and win prizes such as tickets to the latest musical or play, Coney Island ride tickets, network news show fashion makeover, front row seats to a sports game, etc. 


Civil Rights
Create a New York City Constitution adding extra protections for women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants.


International Construction Projects (Costs NYC taxpayers nothing)

A 2 1/4 mile tall building in Lower Bay called Immigrant City providing temporary and permanent housing for 1 million immigrants and evacuees. (International construction effort that won't cost taxpayers anything)

5-Mile International Floating Airport is a circular airport to maximize air traffic, minimize circling time, and maintain perfect headwind for safer and smoother takeoffs and landings. It will float just beyond the 5 mile International Waters border to ensure refugees from any country can have a safe haven to go in cases where no country will have them. The airport also hosts a dock for boats bringing immigrants.

The Electric Highway is an ambitious manufacturing and construction project that creates jobs building solar roads over the main highways connecting the Smart Cities plugged into the system. Solar roads are heated, never needing snow removal. (Funded by international support)



This November 7th, 2017