Let Me Introduce Myself...


My name is Garrett Bowser and I'm running an independent campaign for mayor of New York City.

Growing Up Politics

I grew up with a mix of politics and business at home in Sacramento, California where my step-father ran a committee at the state capital and from his home office overseeing safety and regulations for the western fairs. He went onto start the joint powers offering centralized services for the western fairs where I worked for him as I got older. The joint powers offered everything from customized fair management software, affordable insurance plans, architectural and engineering services for building satellite wagering facilities, and more. He was a brilliant man who saw an industry in need and developed a system that saved the western fairs from dwindling budgets.

This experience helped to shape my views in regards to the relationship between business and government, the value of centralized services, and community/land preservation. Early on, most of our family friends were lawyerslobbyistsgovernment agency directorsFBIpolice, and the occasional politician. I grew up from an early age learning how government functions and how business and lawmakers work hand-in-hand to create economic opportunities as well as creating environmental and community protections in the process. My stepfather also ran a successful real estate business dealing in timber and land preservation which is where I get my passion for profitable sustainability.

Although a political science degree would be ideal for any mayoral candidate, what I learned at home in regards to the political process and how government really works you can't get from any textbook.

Growing Up Napa Valley

It would be unfair not to mention the influence and support of my father whom I lived with half the year in a small town called Calistoga, California with our family and later full time in a gated community called Hidden Valley Lake Association. We had private planes, lived on a golf course, vacationed in fancy resorts, and spent a lot of time fishing and hunting. Although, I get all my food from the grocery stores these days it was an extremely formidable part of my upbringing.

The Struggle is Real

Despite my accomplishments and my international press, it would be years later, right here in New York City, would I learn the struggles of being poor after the 2008 recession. Gentrification swept me from place to place for a long time until I managed to put down some roots in Sunset Park, Brooklyn to continue my journey. It was there in Sunset Park did I learn what community really is all about and how it connects our people together beyond money. Neighbors helping neighbors and the dire consequences gentrification has on that delicate weave. When the wave of progress begins to roll into each neighborhood, people who can't keep up with the rising cost of living can lose their homes. It doesn't need to go down like that. There are amazing opportunities for developers, investors, property owners, and entrepreneurs to strengthen community bonds in every neighborhood while still making big profits in all industries when we work together.

Having experienced both the good life and the joys and hardships of being poor, I'm in the unique position to see the problems of our society up close. I have a strategy that not only makes life better for those who are least fortunate but also helps the middle class and big business become more successful. Helping the poor doesn't mean taxing the rich or decreasing profits. What many politicians lack these days is empathy. My empathy is one of my greatest strengths and an invaluable asset for any leader to posses—especially that of the mayor of the most spectacular city in the world.


My mother wanted me to become a lobbyist but my step-father insisted they focus on cultivating my creative talents. I attended public and private school as well as community college and vocational school. I went onto earn a bachelor's degree at California State University, Chico in graphic design (visual communications). Unbeknownst to me at the time, my classes in rhetorical criticism, small group communications, communications theory, copywriting for media, psychology, logic and reason (philosophy), statistics, artificial intelligence (brains, minds, and machines), and cultural geography would give the independent thinking and problem-solving skills I would need to run for mayor of New York City all these years later.

However, It is my life experience that now grants me the empathywisdom, and humility to do so.

Accomplishments and Purpose

Since moving to New York City in 1999, I've been featured in the New York Times (twice), New York Magazine, CNN, HGTV, Juxtopoz, LIFE, and World of Interiors for my expertise in upcycled special events, fashion, furnishings, and interiors. My ability to pull talented people together for brilliant collaborations has been celebrated in every country around the world (where CNN has a market).

I've spent the better half of my life developing a disaster relief system called PopUp Rescue designed to offer instant infrastructure for residential and commercial use. It provides a popup installation with an off-grid power and water supply including a popup plaza for the people and businesses displaced by natural and economic disasters as well as asylum seekers. It's an ambitious sustainable mobile community development project designed to provide relief for any city looking to start one. Thanks to recent developments in technology and science combined with a recent surge in political and social will, now is the right time to bring PopUp Rescue to the people via the NYC Smart City Platform.

I've developed the NYC Smart City Platform to compliment my progressive independent campaign for mayor designed to appeal to both conservative and liberal progressives ready to work together to provide profitable solutions for the numerous issues facing our people. We have all the resources we need to create the world we want to live in when we work together to create wider-scope solutions that include people outside our respective networks. The Smart City Platform and App will help to seamlessly facilitate and manage many of those mechanisms needed to make these community-based collaborations more efficient and less costly not just here in New York City but around the world.

Global Thinker

As mayor, I will host an International Mayor's Summit to share with other mayors from around the world how their people, businesses, and government can benefit from plugging into the NYC Smart City Platform. The goal is to jumpstart the resource-based components required for mega construction projects funded via the NYC Time Bank.

The Reason I'm Running for Mayor

I'm running an independent campaign for mayor of New York City because I have a strategy our city needs to power boost our ability to solve our ongoing homeless crisis, provide a zero percent waste program, phase out fossil fuels, phase out one use plastics, finally design a public school educational experience around the needs of our students, fill every single one of these empty storefronts with a new thriving local business that creates jobs and money for the community, stabilizing the cost of living for everything from power and communications to the price of organic food and subway fares, and guaranteeing New Yorkers have access to affordable healthcare.

The beauty in my strategy is that I'm not pitching anything new that's never been done before. The NYC Smart City Platform merely helps to facilitate collaborations between people and businesses already doing what you do best and what you love doing but in a slightly new manner helping to build more profitable solutions that create a win-win-win-win scenario (for the people-business-government-environment).

Check out the Issues

Please take the time to review the ISSUES section of my website. There you will find a more comprehensive list of the issues I'm most concerned with including details about my plan as well as funding and revenue streams. Make comments, share, and engage. I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, or concerns for the city. 

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this November 7th, 2017


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