NYC Constitution

Civil Rights and Liberties

In response to recent attacks on American's civil liberties and civil rights I propose a New York City Constitution including an updated bill of rights offering specific prohibitions on governmental and corporate control to reflect the change in power to help restore a balanced democracy.

The New York City Constitution will be written in layman terms and will be available on the city's website in every language currently used around the world including sign language and with voice feature for the blind and people who can't read. It will also be available on the digital maps found on the platforms of most MTA subway platforms. A metal sculpture version of this new NYC Constitution will be erected just outside the New York, Kings, Bronx, Richmond, and Queens County Supreme Courthouses for the public to access 24 hours a day.

The New York City Constitution will provide added protections for New York City citizen's right to the pursuit of happiness, access to healthy food, clean drinking water, clothing, shelter, transport, healthcare, and communications to reflect the demands placed upon us for survival in our modern society. It will also provide new rights for landlords and tenants to help offset the increasing cost of living and as homeless prevention. This is a work in progress and will require input from every demographic living in the five boroughs.

Added Protections for Women, People of Color, and the LGBTQ Community

Women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants need to have specific protections named to ensure the civil rights and civil liberties of our people are fully protected without question. The New York City Constitution merely clarifies on existing civil rights and civil liberties already proclaimed by the state of New York and the federal government to reflect our modern times and needs as a people with possibly some new additions that still need addressing.

Such specific rights include being able to use the bathroom that coincides with ones gender identity, equal pay for women, protections for immigrants, use of proper gender pronouns, and racial profiling. We will need to work together to create a more comprehensive list.

Enforcing Homeland Protections

The New York City Constitution will protect New Yorkers right to a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The gun safety laws in New York will remain in effect in New York City although a well-regulated militia consisting of United States Veterans, retired or off-duty police officers, fire fighters, EMT's, service dogs, and reformed New York City gang members for the purpose of protecting our citizens, immigrants, and tourists from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This agency will provide added protection and security in communities currently being under-served in the greater New York City area. Each patrol team will include a service dog and will remain unarmed during times of peace. 

This agency will provide conflict management training to all it's members including techniques using humor, kindness, empathy, and respect to diffuse situations requiring intervention. Each member of the agency will be required to learn martial arts and nonlethal weaponry. The goal here is to bridge the gap and build trust between the community and law enforcement through community watch. I believe our United States veterans will not only accomplish this goal but will take it to an all new level. 

In times of crises such as natural disaster, terrorism, and civil unrest, This agency can provide assistance to the NYPD, SWAT, or the United States Armed Forces as needed to protect our citizens, tourists, and immigrants from any enemies, foreign or domestic. Ammunitions lockers will be securely housed throughout the five boroughs for quick access when added security is needed.

Side Note: This is an NYC Time Bank venture and as such will be funded accordingly. The uniforms for the officers and canines in this agency will be designed each season by the students enrolled in the New York City Student Fashion Council. The veteran officers and their dogs will model the looks each season during New York Fashion Week. An after school program will be available for students 18 years and older looking to enter law enforcement post graduation.

Enforcing Protections for New Yorkers, Tourists, and Immigrants

The New York City Constitution will also protect our citizens right to transport and privacy by banning the federal government from demanding passwords for social media, emails, mobile devices, laptops, and phones as well as the right for New York to provide a New York City Transportation Security Administration and Immigrant and Customs Enforcement to replace federal agencies and evict those federal agencies from New York City due to their excessive abuse of power, the terror they inflict upon the citizens of New York City, tourists, and Immigrants including significant damage those federal agencies have upon tourism to New York City causing significant impact upon the local economy as well as the violation of our right to the pursuit of happiness, liberty, transport, and privacy including the right of the people to be secure in their persons, all papers, and effects (including phones, mobile devices, laptops, and passwords) against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Side Note: I will suggest that we lower tolls for all nyc bridges and tunnels by more than half for nyc residents with proof of ID. Everyone else pays double.  Free for electric car owners and free to electric freight trucks, and half rate for commuters from other cities, states with electric cars. 

Enforcing Right to Privacy 

Corporations and government will be prohibited from selling or sharing any information collected from New York City residents, immigrants, or anyone visiting our city without explicit permission from the individual. Corporations and government must ask each person specific and clear permission separate from their terms of service to sell or share any information for each transaction. Corporations selling personal and business information of our residents and visitors must provide an opt-out feature clearly displayed and easily found at the top and bottom of every webpage or mobile app. Corporations are also responsible to immediately notify every person by email and/or text to the person whose information is being sold or shared, what information is being sold or shared, and to whom (including a list of the buyer's parent company and subsidiaries) with an opt-out feature included in this email/text notification to prevent that information from being sold or shared.

To protect New Yorker's right to privacy, telecommunication providers such as cable companies, phone companies, mobile phone service providers, and internet providers will be required to provide the highest level of encryption possible for all phones, mobile devices, wifi, and internet connections to provide added security from criminal activity, and overzealous media and government agencies.

Due to the demands of our technological society, access to the internet and smart phone mobile service is essential to the pursuit of happiness and staying connected with our community. I will negotiate a deal with telecommunications companies to provide free wi-fi on every street, bridge, tunnel, subway, bus, park, and public building in the greater New York City area. This deal will also include a Universal communications package to ensure that every residence and citizen/immigrant in New York City has free wi-fi, cable, and mobile phone service including significant virtual storage. Tourists to our city can pay a wifi fee to access the public wifi but can use residential or hotel wi-fi for free.

Protect Net Neutrality

All internet providers in New York City must provide Net Neutrality to engage in business in New York City regardless to state or federal law. Sanctions including massive fines and possible prison sentence for CEO's violating New York City Net Neutrality Laws.

Mandatory Encryption

As an added protection for the right to privacy, internet and phone service providers will be required to provide state-of-the-art encryption for the internet, phone service, computers, tablets, and all com device communications.

Additional Renters Rights

New York City residents will have the right to use marketplace and hospitality service providers such as AirBnB to enable New Yorkers to lease or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, home stays, hostel beds, or hotel rooms. These providers will be responsible for collecting a special "Airbnb Tax" (aka short-term lease tax) from renters that will be go towards a special fund earmarked for the Zero Percent Homeless Initiative.

Establishing the right to sublet your apartment for short-term stays is a lifeline for the elderly who are on fixed incomes and cannot afford the increase in rents and nor do they have the ability to pay for a move when they eventually get priced from their homes. The same goes for artists, musicians, students, and entrepreneurs who are unable to launch a new business or pursue a career in the arts if they need to take on a full-time job simply to afford the skyrocketing rents and higher grocery bills due to neighborhood gentrification. Without the artists, musicians, and aspiring new business owners New York City loses the character and the flavor that makes our city so great.

Commercial Real Estate Leaseholders Rights

To address the plight of empty storefronts plaguing the five boroughs New York City commercial leaseholders will have the right to stay for 3 month extensions with a 10% rental increase in the event the landlord attempts to price their business out of the property. They will continue to get three month extensions until the landlord produces a ten year lease by a new tenant for the increased rent. This statute will greatly reduce the "ghost town" impact that multiple empty storefronts has our communities. The loss of jobs and tax revenue from businesses and employees who lose their livelihood because of unnecessary closures is a devastating hit to our economy.

After one year or four consecutive 3 month extensions the commercial leaseholder will be given a new ten year or longer lease at a 20% increase (or something of a similar nature that we can hammer out together).

The leaseholder must allow for landlords and their agents to show the property in a fashion that does not interfere with the leaseholder from doing business as normal. Ground floor leaseholders will be required to display a New York City approved sign, vinyl lettering, or painted message clearly stating "This Property for Rent" along with the landlord or agent's contact details.

Additional Landlords Rights

Residential landlords of buildings will have limited access to the right to short-term rentals. They will not be allowed to charge more than the average rental cost of like property in their immediate neighborhood of which cost can be divided by the number of days in the month being rented to calculate daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

Residential landlords must have the apartment being short-term leased listed online on at least three well-known apartment search websites used by renters in New York City. Applicants submitting an application for approval who meet the required good credit score and 40x the rent must be accepted to prevent landlords from turning their buildings into illegal hotels making available housing to New Yorkers suddenly unavailable.

Residential landlords will only be able to offer these short-term leases to New York City residents who have a valid New York City I.D. regardless to income or credit, as long as the short-term lease tenant is able to pay for the duration of the short-term lease up to one month of total stay (in addition to a deposit not to exceed one month rent). A second payment can be charged after 30 days if a longer stay has been contracted, and so on. The landlord has the right to evict the guest upon completion of their short-term lease agreement or due to failure of payment. 

If the landlord invites the short-term lease tenant to stay beyond three months then the landlord must give the tenant a one year or longer lease regardless to the tenant's income or credit. Although, the landlord is within their right to ask for an additional deposit to cover eviction costs incurred by the landlord if the new tenant is unable to pay the rent for three months in a row. This additional security deposit will be returned if their is no eviction after three years or until the renters credit improves and/or income equals 40x the rent.

Landlords violating the conditions of this law will be fined the annual cost of rent for that property for their first offense. Landlords committing a second offense will be fined three times the annual cost of rent for that property. Landlords committing a third offense will have their property seized and sold to the tenants in the building whenever possible or if the tenants are unable or unwilling to buy the building it will be sold at auction to the highest bidder with the owner receiving no money and will face criminal charges and possible prison time. Profit from the sale of the property will be earmarked for low interest home loans for low income and middle class residents who have lived in New York City for at least one year for first time home buyers as well as low interest home mortgages for existing low income and middle class New York City resident homeowners.

These rights will help New Yorkers find affordable housing when shelters are unavailable or not an option while giving landlord's the right to test out a prospective new tenant before issuing a one year or longer lease for a person or family who doesn't have good credit or who make 40X the rent. This right also gives the landlord the ability to generate revenue on empty apartments without committing to a full-time tenant.

Urban Farm Rights

The people of New York City desperately need property for an ambitious vertical farm project to grow organic food for our city's public schools. I am proposing that every New York City empty lot and buildings abandoned for a decade or longer be converted in urban farms. A property owner can opt-out of the program simply by paying the city a monthly percent of the tax generated by similar size properties and buildings in the area.

I'm not a fan of the practice of abandoning buildings until they become so dilapidated that the owners are legally allowed to tear the building down to build something new. It's a waste of space and time our people can no longer afford. That kind of greed will not be tolerated on my watch. You play or you pay, that's my motto in situations such as these. Bribes and coincidental fires for abandoned buildings will not be met kindly by my administration. I will be actively working towards legislation to ensure this sort of corruption has stiffer fines and increased minimum prison sentencing without parole.

Access to Affordable Healthcare with Lab Work and Medications at Near Wholesale Costs

People should not have to die or go into debt or even bankruptcy because they cannot afford the medical care or medications they need to survive. The optional NYC Universal Healthcare Program provides such medical and dental coverage through an extensive direct patient care plan. The program is completely voluntary. You are more than welcome to continue having no insurance or use Obamacare, Trumpcare, or whatever you will have legal access to. This program is intended to provide an affordable healthcare option without derailing existing programs while potentially providing healthcare for all New Yorkers.

The Right to Clean Water and Healthy Food

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized that water and sanitation should be a human right. Water as a human right is as much about the quality as it is about access, meaning the water is clean and you do not get sick from drinking it.

The right to food, and its variations, is a human right. People must be able to feed themselves in dignity, implying that sufficient food is available, that people have the means to access it, and that it adequately meets the individual's dietary needs.

Nuclear Energy Ban and Provide Incentives to Phase Out Fossil Fuels 

Nuclear energy production and fossil fuel pipelines are one of the biggest threats to our clean drinking and healthy food supplies. To put pressure on the closure of Tri State nuclear energy plants and pipelines, we must ban nuclear energy from being imported or used in New York City and begin a program to slowly phase out fossil fuels while protecting jobs and investment in addition to creating new jobs creating less expensive sustainable energy. The excess production in energy will bring the costs down and create new jobs for our upstate neighbors harvesting sustainable energy.

Phasing out fossil fuels is a delicate issue especially since most buildings are heavily invested in oil burning boilers and most of the new cars on the road run on gasoline. So, the city needs to provide incentives for landlords, car owners, fuel companies to make the transition to biofuel and electric without suffering any financial hardship. This transition should be a profitable venture for fuel vendors and an energy saver for the consumer. 

Tougher Penalties for Eco-Terrorists

Higher fines and longer minimum prison sentences for corporate CEO's found guilty of dumping poisons into the New York City water supply. 

Ban Fluoride and other chemicals from being added to our water supply

Ban our New York City drinking supply from ever being medicated with fluoride or other harmful chemicals not designed for water purification. We must also require recent water quality results to be posted daily.

Label All Genetically Modified Organism (GMO Food)

New York residents deserve the right to know if their food is fresh and organic or if it's GMO. Require all food and food products containing GMO ingredients to be clearly labeled as containing GMO.

Require Cancer Label on Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller

Require Monsanto to add a "Could Cause Cancer" label on it's weedkiller known as Roundup containing glyphosate. Ban city agencies from using Monsanto products containing glyphosate.

Ban the following pesticides from being used in the greater New York City area; clothianidin, imidacloprid, thiamethoxam.

Stricter Radiation Standards for Foods

The United States Reacted to the Fukushima Radiation Crisis by trying to raise acceptable radiation standards just 2 weeks after the Fukushima accident. For over a decade, massive radiation has been released on a daily basis from Fukushima poisoning the ocean and the fish sold to Americans as food. Radiation from Fukushima is slamming Tokyo, as well as the West Coast of North America. Fukushima radiation is now present in fish on the West Coast of the United States. Scientists are warning us of human deaths and health problems on the U.S. West Coast due to Fukushima radiation, and an epidemic of injuries to sealife.

It’s not just Fukushima … An investigation by Associated Press found that 75 percent of all U.S. nuclear sites have leaked radioactive tritium. I will submit a request to the New York State Senate and Congress to shut down the antiquated nuclear reactors operating in New York and will ask the same of every state on the east coast as well as cities across the U.S. and will lobby every nation around the world to do the same. Increase in super storms destroying or damaging multiple nuclear reactors a year will no doubt put humanity at risk by the potential threat of radiating our limited water and food supplies.

I am proposing that NYC implement our own FDA, EPA, USDA agencies to protect our food, water, air, and land resources with sustainability and health being the primary objective. The decisions made at these agencies will over-ride whatever decisions are made at the federal level. Our standards will be created to protect and serve the people and animals of New York City and to set a precedent for other city's across the U.S. and the world to follow. Corporate interests are not the priority.

A.I. Bill of Rights

It might seem strange to some of you now but we are gong to need in the not so distant future a bill of rights for artificial intelligence as machines begin to become self-aware.

How much rights will artificial intelligence have within our society? Will we allow A.I. to be used in our court system as lawyers or even judges? Can robots and A.I. be used by law enforcement and if so will they have the right to apprehend or even kill or injure human citizens? 

When machines become sentient, should they be allowed to have owners at that point? Can they own property? Can they earn a wage and if so how much? Will they be allowed to marry one another or perhaps a human? Can a person kill a robot and get away with it?

The day will soon come when these issues will need to be addressed and it's better to start that process now before there is a death count or mass incarcerations by A.I. judges and lawyers. We must do everything we can to create an A.I. Bill of Rights that not only protects humans but also ensures that sentient beings are not being enslaved or abused. 

Animal Rights

Ban Euthanizing Homeless Pets in NYC

Shelters and veterinary clinics and hospitals will no longer be allowed to euthanize homeless, dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds in New York City. Violators to this law will be fined upwards to $100,000 per animal and will face up to a year in prison for animal cruelty.

Homeless dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds unable to be sold or adopted will be assigned to Riker's Island where inmates, correctional officers, and United States Veterans will evaluate the animals for service dog training for United States Veterans suffering from PTSD and other traumas. Pets unsuitable for service animal training will be entered into a therapy, companion, or pet training program to reattempt adoption into a forever home. Animals considered too aggressive or untrainable will live out the remainder of their days at Riker's Island.

Ban Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Stores in NYC
This legislation prohibits city pet stores from selling dogs or cats not obtained from animal rescue organizations or shelters. The legislation also addresses puppy mill problems by banning the sale of dogs and cats under 8 weeks old. This proposed ordinance does not prevent responsible breeders from doing business in New York City, and New Yorkers will still be able to purchase animals directly from breeders. People can still adopt from local shelters or find a specific breed from any number of breed-specific rescues serving the area.

Millions of animals are admitted to animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide. So, the ban is a big step for rescue animals in need of forever homes. This ordinance is designed to bring attention to and halt the inhumane and deceptive practices of large-scale breeding operations that supply animals to pet stores and directly to consumers online.

Pet owners purchasing or adopting a dog or cat from a pet shelter, pet store, or breeder will be required to show proof of insurance from an independent pet insurance company or signup with the NYC Direct Pet Care Program in addition to being required to register their pet with the city.

Dogs and cats sold at a shelter, pet store, or breeder will be required to register the animal in the new pet owners name and collect the necessary fees for regular pet registration or the upgraded licensing programs such as the K9 Good Citizen License or "Bodega Cat" with up to a 5% up-charge to handle processing. Collected fees can be paid online or by check within a reasonable amount of time.

Side Note:

NYC Horse Carriage Trails

I want to create special landscaped riding trails through Central Park to help boost the carriage industry while at the same time making certain there are safeguards in place to keep the horses and the carriages off the street. These riding trails will be a part of the NYC Smart School After School Programs for kids wanting to learn about landscape architecture by being apart of the design process, helping to decide where the trails should go, and what kind of plants would make for a beautiful view. Adults working for the NYC Time Bank can carry out the labor for the project along with any other volunteers.

Riker's Island Luxury VR Chicken Farm

Part of the NYC Time Bank Entrepreneur Programs includes a luxury chicken farm with separate little thrones with upcycled designer sconces and chandelier lighting, beautiful wood plank flooring. On the walls are gorgeous wallpapers and wall coverings including artwork from well-known artists curate by the local museums and galleries. Also showcase some of the inmates and correctional officer's work from the artist entrepreneur program.

Each mini-chicken coup high-rise will be designed by a different well-known New York City designer. Each chicken coup is rigged with a VR (virtual reality) camera so people around he world can pay $20/yr to check out the chicken coup 24 hours a day. Little drone chickens rigged with VR cameras can also be operated for a $50/yr fee but also includes an augmented gaming system where you can find upcycled prizes available through the Upcycled Gallery including a sponsored vacation packages, a new electric car, a new home in New Amsterdam. As a player you can explore the inside of the chicken coup and all it's rooms and see the chickens sitting on their little thrones and whatnot or you can raise control your VR drone chicken to run around in the free range area exploring the grounds for more prizes and points. 

The money generated from the Designer Chicken Coup Showhouse and gaming app will go towards building more vertical farms for the NYC Smart Schools which supports the NYC Smart School Culinary Arts Entrepreneur Program and the Small Group Communication lunches as well as more vertical farms for Riker's Island. This gaming app will be designed by students enrolled in the of the NYC Smart City School coding and design classes.

The eggs are used to feed the prison population and excess is distributed to the NYC Smart School lunch programs at the Social Canteens near their schools.

The chicken poop will be collected for fuel to help run the facility.


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