K9 Good Citizen and Bodega Cat License

How it Works

The K9 Good Citizen Program is an upgraded NYC dog licensing program that allows dogs the same right to access commercial and residential spaces and transportation vehicles and stations without being bagged. A current K9 Good Citizen license must be worn by the pet at all times when entering a no dog zone or the owner will of the pet will face a penalty as well as the business allowing a pet on their property without proper credentials.

The K9 Good Citizen License requires the dog as well as the owner of the pet to attend a mandatory orientation, evaluation, and certification training program that can last anywhere between 1 day to a week or longer depending upon the disposition and trainability of the pet. 

The K9 Good Citizen Fee is $250 per pet for the first year and costs $160 per pet annually after that. Refresher courses are available for a reduced rate for any dogs ticketed for aggressive behavior or unhygienic conditions while visiting or living at any commercial or residential properties, or transportation facilities.

NYC Time Dollar Payments

NYC Time Bank Members will have the option to pay $160 plus and an average of 5 NYC Time Dollars (depending upon length of training for their pet) for the initial evaluation, orientation, and certification training program. If their pet does not pass the first time around then the pet owner can pay whatever amount of Time Dollars is required for the length of time it takes to train their pet.

Completion of the K9 Good Citizen Program does not guarantee the dog will be issued the K9 Good Citizen License and the fees are non-refundable. Dog owners can retake the K9 Good Citizen training program in 3 months for a reduced fee if they want to attempt another round of training. Owners are allowed as many attempts to pass the certification program as many times as it takes to properly train their dog but after one year they will be required to pay the full $200 fee with reduced fees for another year of attempts if they choose to continue trying to train their pet.

NYC Universal Direct Pet Care Program

The K9 Good Citizen License entitles the pet owner to receive veterinary care with access to pet medication at near wholesale prices as part of the NYC Universal Direct Pet Care Program. 

Pet owners can opt to enroll their pet into the NYC Universal Direct Pet Care Program for $140 per year

"Bodega Cat" License

An extension of the K9 Good Citizen Program is a special license for Bodega owners who use a "bodega cat" to hunt mice that might enter their shops. This license is $200 for the first year and $120 for each year after that. To qualify for the "Bodega Cat" License the cat must be neutered. This license entitles the pet owner to receive veterinary care with access to pet medication at near wholesale prices as part of the NYC Universal Direct Patient Care Veterinary Program. 

The current dog licensing program remains unaffected including the fees and restrictions that apply to regular pets. They will not be allowed on public transport unless they fit into a bag and not at all in commercial businesses where food is sold, served, or prepared unless they are a registered service dog. Regular dog license still restrict dogs from entering or living in buildings where dogs are not permitted unless they are a registered service dog or therapy/companion prescribed by a psychiatrist for a mental condition or mood disorder although this fee. The fee for therapy and companion animals will increase slightly.

The business owner must display the "Bodega Cat" License containing a photo of the working cat in plain eyesight of customers. Bodega owners with cats not licensed through the program will be fined.

Residential cat owners can register their pet for the NYC Direct Pet Care Program for $120 per year.

Ban Euthanizing Homeless Pets in NYC

Shelters and veterinary clinics and hospitals will no longer be allowed to euthanize homeless, dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds in New York City. Violators to this law will be fined upwards to $100,000 per animal and will face up to a year in prison for animal cruelty.

Homeless dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds unable to be sold or adopted will be assigned to Riker's Island where inmates, correctional officers, and United States Veterans will evaluate the animals for service dog training for United States Veterans suffering from PTSD and other traumas. Pets unsuitable for service animal training will be entered into a therapy, companion, or pet training program to reattempt adoption into a forever home. Animals considered too aggressive or untrainable will live out the remainder of their days at Riker's Island.

Ban Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Stores in NYC

This legislation prohibits city pet stores from selling dogs or cats not obtained from animal rescue organizations or shelters. The legislation also addresses puppy mill problems by banning the sale of dogs and cats under 8 weeks old. This proposed ordinance does not prevent responsible breeders from doing business in New York City, and New Yorkers will still be able to purchase animals directly from breeders. People can still adopt from local shelters or find a specific breed from any number of breed-specific rescues serving the area.

Millions of animals are admitted to animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide. So, the ban is a big step for rescue animals in need of forever homes. This ordinance is designed to bring attention to and halt the inhumane and deceptive practices of large-scale breeding operations that supply animals to pet stores and directly to consumers online.

Pet owners purchasing or adopting a dog or cat from a pet shelter, pet store, or breeder will be required to show proof of insurance from an independent pet insurance company or signup with the NYC Direct Pet Care Program in addition to being required to register their pet with the city.

Dogs and cats sold at a shelter, pet store, or breeder will be required to register the animal in the new pet owners name and collect the necessary fees for regular pet registration or the upgraded licensing programs such as the K9 Good Citizen License or "Bodega Cat" with up to a 5% up-charge to handle processing. Collected fees can be paid online or by check within a reasonable amount of time.

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