New Amsterdam: The 6th Borough

Rising Sea Levels

New Amsterdam is the most ambitious construction project to date financed in part by the proposed NYC Time Bank, NYC 420 TAX, NYC Casino Tax, and the "Airbnb Tax" (aka short-term lease tax) as well as national and international sources. The proposed 6th borough will span the shorelines of all five boroughs to protect our city from rising sea levels and predicted increase in catastrophic storm activity even worse than the ones that decimated Staten Island, Coney Island, and the Jersey Shore not so long ago.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation claims that the rising sea level due to climate change will reach upwards to 75” over the coming decades. The additional threat of super storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis can easily double or even triple that height leaving billions of dollars in damage and the loss of thousands of lives in its wake.

The 150-Year Land Trust

I have devised a plan to begin 100% sustainable construction right away while at the same time providing additional housing, schools, universities, hospitals, parks, museums, theaters, shopping centers, warehousing, vertical farms, and skyports among other facilities our city so desperately needs for a rapidly increasing population.

This barrier will also contain several large "Pez-like" dispensers that house thousands of drones to delight tourists and residents of New York City with choreographed light shows for outdoor concerts and performances. Thousands of larger drones will also be used as a defense system against swarms of enemy drones brought to New York City by truck or by sea via shipping containers.

New York City will offer a 150-year land trust to the NYC Time Bank who will be responsible for the construction, maintenance, upgrades, and security for this would-be sovereign property. After the 150 year lease is up, control of New Amsterdam will be returned to New York City similar to the 99-year lease the U.K. held with China in regards to Hong Kong from the 1950’s-1997.

Michael Bloomberg has gone on record to admit what New York City needs is a wall around our shorelines but he claims that nobody is willing to invest billions of dollars needed to afford monumental construction project. When considering the motives of real estate developers and lending institutions Bloomberg is correct in his assessment. Unfortunately, by the time our city is forced to deal with this crisis it will be too late for New Yorkers and will cost us upwards to a trillion dollars or more with construction crews working around the clock to save our city from devastation due to quickly rising sea levels and increased storm activity.

The NYC Time Bank utilizes the resource-based economy model to provide NYC Time Dollar Labor and sustainable building materials via the NYC Time Bank Land Partners both nationally and internationally. Additional funding will be acquired by the proposed NYC 420 TAX, and NYC Casino Tax, the "Airbnb Tax" (aka short-term lease tax) as well as national and international investment.

150-Year Lease to All New Yorkers, American Veterans, and Descendants of American Slaves and World War II Japanese Internment Camps

Every New York City resident 18 years and older who has lived in New York City for at least one year will be allotted a 150-year lease on a 250 sq ft piece of property making up New Amsterdam with the condition they contribute to the construction efforts via the NYC Time Bank in whatever capacity they’re best suited for. The elderly and disabled will not be required to contribute towards the construction efforts although there will be several positions available for those who want to participate in this ambitious construction project. Each leaseholder will have the ability to increase the size of their property by means of extended service.

After the new 150-year leaseholders fulfill your construction obligation you will be given the choice to continue contributing towards the project to increase the size of your new home or donate those hours towards someone else's home or to that of a nonprofit participating in the program. Nobody will be forced to participate in this program. It is completely voluntary and you can opt out at any time if you do join. The first one million qualifying people to sign-up for the program will be allotted an additional 100 square feet as a reward for becoming an early adopter. The first 1000 qualifying people to sign-up will be allotted an additional 750 square feet as the ultimate bonus for your support and faith in the project.

These 150-year leases cannot be sold or traded to anyone but the NYC Time Bank and the units can only be rented out through the NYC Time Bank. 

A program will be in place for American high school students who have lived in New York City for a year or longer to earn credit towards their own home or contribute towards the construction of their parent's property as a part of the entrepreneurial educational process of the Smart City School Program.

New York City property owners within the five boroughs will receive a 150-year lease on a significantly larger piece of real estate within New Amsterdam based upon the size and value of their existing New York City real estate portfolio with the condition they access the NYC Time Bank to finance and construct the property allotted to them.

Descendants of American slaves and World War II Japanese internment camps as well as all United States Veterans across the world also qualify for a 150-year lease at New Amsterdam in an effort for reparations.

NYC / NJ Hudson River Land Bridge Project

New Amsterdam will also include a much needed land bridge extending from Manhattan to New Jersey providing multiple levels for walking, jogging, biking, and horseback riding trails as well as a bird sanctuary. A dog and people surf beach will be constructed at the shoreline of either end of the land bridge (similar to theme parks).

The center structure will be comprised of a building providing residential and commercial property as well as a dock for cruise ships and boats to stop for passengers looking to enjoy the restaurants, shopping, museums, galleries, parks, and other amenities offered at the Hudson River Land Bridge. Infiniti pools and private nature areas will be reserved for the guests of the resort.

Slavery Museum, Learning Center, and Event Space

Just off the beach of Mill Rock Island in the East River will be a large-scale sculptural building in the shape of Harriet Tubman holding a lantern containing an eternal biofuel flame. This lantern is large enough for a small group of people to sit around the fire with impressive views of New York City.

The building will be covered in a series of geometric black solar panels, dark tinted windows, and green plant-life panels making up the shape of Tubman wading through the river as she leads here people to safety. Behind her are a series of similar buildings in the shape of black civil rights leaders following her footsteps including Martin Luther King Jr, Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin, Rosa Parks, Robert Smalls, Nelson Mandela, and Barack Hussein Obama II (if Barack is willing to have his image used in this way. If so, I'd like to see this building as an extension of his Presidential library).

The inside of each building contains a museum dedicated to American slavery and the black civil rights movement as well as notable African-American scientists, inventors, and artists who had made a significant impact upon our cultural and technical landscape. These structures will also house a learning center for local public schools to access as apart of their African-American studies.

To honor the struggle of the Chinese slaves who worked the mines and railroads and the Japanese Americans who were forced into Japanese internment camps during World War II, another building of similar construction will be erected from the waters except in amber tones in the shape of George Takei (with his permission of course). This building will be dedicated to a museum, learning center, and event space sharing the Asain struggle, achievements, and contributions to society.

The venue will also serve as an affordable event space for Black and Asain New York City nonprofits as well as the the black and Asain community. Corporations and non-Blacks/non-Asians can also rent the venue at the same astronomical costs of similar New York City high-profile venues such as Cipriani 42nd street and the Waldorf Astoria. The facility will also host an outdoor theater showcasing Black and Asain cinema and live performances.

Mill Rock Island will remain untouched as bird sanctuary and nesting colony of black-crowned night herons, great egrets, snowy egrets, great black-backed gulls, fish crows, and double-crested cormorants.

Coney Island Casinos

I'm proposing a massive luxury hotel resort, casino, and cruise ship dock off the shore of Coney Island to save lives and valuable real estate and infrastructure from rising sea levels and increased superstorm activity. The massive facility will also house warehousing for Amazon and other participating online distributors with drone ports for home and business deliveries.

The facility will be responsible for providing extra security for the community as well as housing, feeding, and rehabilitating the homeless. This Zero Percent Homeless Initiative also offers homeless people job developing programs to help the homeless transition successfully back into society while making the homeless valuable members of our community.

The Resort Hotel and Casino will be run by an All Nations Native American Counsel comprised of all nations as apart of the New Amsterdam (6th Borough) Project constructed by the NYC Time Bank. There will be an NYC Casino Tax which will be divided equally between New York City, New York State, the All Nations Native American Counsel, and the NYC Time Bank (25% each).

Stuyvesant Town Cove

Location for the first Ivy League University and Learning Hospital with Mobile Clinics. It's a state-of-the art robotics, bionics, and prosthetics laboratory and hospital for veterans and people suffering from disabilities and trauma. The facility is built out towards the water keeping the massive inlet intact for fountain shows similar to the ones in Vegas outside the famous luxury hotel.

This is also the HQ for the Veterans community watch program including the first housing barrier wall housing to be built into the water. The structure is intended to look like nature and be constructed through 100% sustainable means. The rolling rooftops are landscaped and often times turn in orchards in other areas of New Amsterdam where the public are allowed to go pick the fruits when they're in season for free.

Immigrant City

Immigrant City is an extension of New Amsterdam and will be located in the Lower Bay and will provide temporary and permanent housing for immigrants, evacuees, and refugees.

Immigrant City will be over two and a quarter miles high and will become the tallest building in the world. The base of the building towers over the water creating a mini harbor directly underneath the structure with closing sides to protect nearby cruise ships, boats, and barges during super storms as well as docking stations for passengers of the floating vessels to enter Immigrant City.

The entire building rotates slowly throughout the day maximizing views in all directions.

The shell of the structure consists of gold solar panels, gold hue windows, and green plant-life panels creating 5 massive native american figures welcoming people from around the world as a tribute to those who were here before us. Each figure at the base of the building represents the five genders acknowledged by the Native Americans;



Two Spirit Female

Two Spirit Male


Immigrant City will be mostly funded by international sources.

5-Mile International Airport

Five Miles off the shore of New York, just outside the Lower Bay in the Atlantic Ocean, will be a floating airport (using the roundabout model) hosting a luxury hotel, casino, and golf course as well as temporary housing for immigrants waiting for entry to the United States or elsewhere in the world.

An underwater hyperloop and transparent underwater walking path will connect 5-Mile International Airport to Immigrant City and to Manhattan. Future expansions could include underwater hyperloop service to Miami, Canada, Africa, and Europe.

Immigrant City will be mostly funded by international sources.

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