NYC Time Bank

NYC Time Bank

NYC Time Bank is a reciprocity-based work trading system in which hours are the currency. With time banking, a person with one skill set can bank and trade hours of work for equal hours of work in another skill set.

NYC Time Bank is the entity in charge of implementing a strategic network of businesses and learning centers to restore balance to the escalating cost of living so New York City residents can afford to live and shop in the neighborhoods where they're from. This strategy includes mentoring local entrepreneurs to launch new businesses to fill the hundreds of empty storefronts and to provide jobs for the community. This program also includes building affordable housing people in the neighborhood can actually afford.

All New York City residents regardless of employment or credit score will be allowed to apply for an NYC Time Bank account which includes 2NYC$ (2 NYC Time Dollars) upon opening the account but will receive more NYC$ for taking an orientation class. Entrepreneurs can use NYC$ to hire graphics and website designers, social media experts, accountants, business and legal advice, and other services needed to launch a successful business. Parents can use NYC$ for babysitting, eldercare, housecleaning, shopping, dog walking, snow shoveling, tutoring, coaching, training, and all sorts. Members looking to enjoy lifestyle perks can use NYC$ for haircuts, manicures, pedicures, facials and other spa services, weight training, and more. NYC$ are designed to help increase the standard of living for NYC Time Bank Members while providing programs and incentives to help stabilize the rising cost of living.

Unlike most time banks NYC Time Bank will offer a printed NYC$ currency available at participating credit unions and the hundreds of proposed NYC Time Bank ATM's around the five boroughs. No fee ATM use for all New York City accounts but charge premium fees to out of town accounts to pay for upgrades and maintenance. 

NYC Time Bank Credit Score

The NYC Time Bank offers a new credit score for members they can use with participating landlords looking to rent their residential and commercial properties to responsible tenants by offering new landlord tenant flexibility to encourage short-term lease options as an entrepreneur stimulus and homeless prevention and gentrification measure. 

Reassign the Benefits Card Contract to NYC Time Bank

Proposing the governor reallocate the 7 year $126+ million contract to issue benefits cards to the NYC Time Bank where profits will be invested into local business and offer personal loans to its members. If we need to break a contract then we'll work out the differences but that contract needs to stay in New York City where all the profits can be invested back into New Yorkers and our upstate neighbors to start new businesses, create new jobs that provide community service, build affordable housing, and offer low interest loans to existing property owners for environmental upgrades, and other benefits that provide value for the city and our people.

311 VR (Virtual Reality Info and calls)

Proposing the NYC Time Bank collaborates with the New York City 311 system and online search engine brands to provide a virtual reality 311 call center including a mass mailing of advertising paid for google cardboard for each household in New York City. The program is designed to facilitate the new VR media frontier for business and entertainment ventures. The goal is to attract new money into the hands of local New York City business owners and talent through the proliferation of a new market.

311 VR can also connect callers with one another for VR live chat. 

Profitable Zero Percent Waste Initiative

NYC Time Bank has a zero percent waste initiative. Recycled materials are repurposed into new building materials for construction and building furniture, lighting, accessories, clothing, and other consumer items that can be purchased online or at various popup Upcycle shops located in the many empty storefronts across the city with special economic incentives for the landlord for participating in the program. Upcycle shops also include food and entertainment for guests. Items and food being purchased with NYC$ are actually trading the time it took to prepare the item and not the actual value of the product. It the item is being purchased in cash then he consumer is paying for the value of the object.

New dog beaches will be created using pulverized glass bottles that converts glass back into tiny grains of sand. This new sand supply can also be used on roads during icy conditions and as an ingredient in hempcrete needed to create the protective barrier around the city's shoreline.

Ideally, we create a system that repurposes, recycles, upcycles, and eliminates waste so efficiently and profitably that other city's and country's pay us to get rid of their waste as well. There are many opportunities for new businesses that create jobs in manufacturing, sales, PR, design, and distribution just to name a few.

Phasing out one-time plastics that are polluting our oceans and killing wildlife. Create opportunities for low cost, sustainable alternatives, that do not harm the environment or wildlife. Create economic incentives for early adopters to the program especially for stores and restaurants.

NYC Time Bank Land Trust

Proposing a 150-year land trust between New York City and the NYC Time Bank to sustainably construct a waterfront barrier to protect lives and valuable real estate and infrastructure from rising sea levels and increasing superstorm activity. NYC Time Bank is responsible for providing the resources needed to build the structure. The barrier will be comprised of thousands of affordable homes for veterans, middle class, and low income wage earners with temporary housing for the homeless and evacuees with a zero percent homeless initiative. The structure also includes new shopping and dining destinations, healthcare facilities, and public parkland.

NYC Time Bank is focussed on gentrification measures to help local residents afford to live and shop in their own neighborhoods including entrepreneur programs to help members of the community start successful new businesses, create new jobs that provide community benefit, job developing residents and immigrants looking to update their job skills, building affordable homes people who live in the neighborhood can actually afford to buy, offering super low interest business and personal loans for members to help strengthen the local economy.

NYC Time Bank Land Partners

NYC Time Bank offers land owners and farmers a profitable agreement to use NYC$ labor to produce organic food. Some of the harvest is set aside for the land owner to sell while the rest is sent to to New York City food banks to be sold as whole foods or used as ingredients to create local store brands sold to New Yorkers on benefits and New York City Time Bank Members.

Electric Highway Land Partners

Find NYC Time Bank Land Partners with property located along the distribution routes between farmlands and New York City setup popup electric charging and biofuel stations for trucking produce to the New York City food banks. Larger properties will have mobile resort facilities with programs to help fine tune struggling towns become thriving tourist destinations to bring new wealth, jobs, and business ownership into the region.

Depending upon the size of the property, an electric highway station can also include an electric car dealership, food court, shopping center, exercise facilities, a dog run, playgrounds, and picnic areas as well as lodgings for sleepy travelers. These convenient amenities will make it easier for new car owners to purchase a new car knowing they're is an infrastructure for it quickly taking hold.

Short-Term Lease Tax Funds Zero Percent Homeless Initiative

Proposing a short-term lease tax that allows New York City leaseholders to short-term sublet their homes. The tax is allocated to the NYC Time Bank Zero Percent Homeless Initiative and to a state disaster relief fund. Residential leaseholders can short-term sublet their homes for as much as they'd like but landlords and building owners are only allowed to short-term sublet to New Yorker City residents at market rate with a slight increase for furnished units.

Economic incentives and legal safeguards will be in place to protect participating landlords and building owners from potential eviction expenses for participating in this zero percent homeless initiative.

The short-term lease is a lifeline for the elderly on fixed incomes who can't pay for the increasing rents and cost of living. Also a necessity for many artists, musicians, aspiring models and actors, singers, and budding entrepreneurs who need low cost housing to pursue their talent. Also ideal for renters between jobs who don't want to lose their lease because they don't have a job or good credit to get a new lease elsewhere. New Yorkers deserve the short-term lease safeguard.

Safeguarding Hotels from Short-Term Lease Rights

Establishing short-term lease rights will require safeguards and economic incentives to help keep the struggling hotel industry in business while keeping their staff fully employed. The city needs to work with the hotel and travel industry to create a series of special events and holiday packages hosting impressive headliners that will bring more tourist dollars into the city and back into the hotels.


NYC Student Time Bank

NYC Time Bank also offers a separate junior program called the NYC Student Time Bank for public school students and their families. Students who attend an entrepreneur program can earn NYC Student Time Dollars they can use for services like tutoring, training, prom dress or suit design, or allowing students to compile their saved NYC Student Time Dollars to pay for special events like prom, parades, exhibitions, field trips, school dances, and graduation parties.

Parents can pay their children for chores such as babysitting, laundry, dishes, snow shoveling, etc. with regular NYC Time Dollars but they get converted into NYC Student Time Bank Dollars meaning the student can only spend it on school and parent approved transactions within the special kids network. After students graduate from high school and become 18 years old their NYC School Time Dollars can be converted into regular NYC Time Bank Dollars to be used anywhere NYC Time Dollars are accepted.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.